Return & Refund Policy

  1. If you wish to cancel your order: You can notify us by emailing [email protected] before we have dispatched the goods; or where goods have already been dispatched to you, by returning goods to us in accordance with clause 4 below.

  2. You can return goods you have ordered from us for any reason at any time within 7 days of receipt of goods and request for a full refund or exchange. The costs of returning goods to us shall be borne by you. In the case of a major fault, full refund including postage will be available. Note: Frozen and Freezer items must be returned at the time of delivery itself. No returns or exchanges would be entertained later on.

  3. Upon receipt of the goods we will give you a full refund of the amount paid or an exchange credit as required.

  4. The rights to return the goods to us as referred to in clause 4 will not apply in the following circumstances: In the event that the product has been used to any products that we have made or customised specifically for you. The provisions of this clause 4 do not affect your statutory rights.

  5. Please note, in the case of issues associated with items of local manufacturers/ suppliers, we may: Return the product to the manufacturer/ supplier or their agent to determine the nature of the problem: or Refer you to the supplier of such items for assistance or refund/ exchange authorisation.

  6. Perishable items need to be verified and returned during the delivery itself.

  7. Once you place the order, the goods will be delivered in average of 2 business days and maximum of 5 business days excluding the order day. If you haven’t received the order in maximum of 5 business days then please reach out urgently at [email protected]

Almost all the items contain local manufacturers names, addresses and the telephone numbers. Should any manufacturers information not be available, we shall happily provide it to you upon request. This policy does not limit your rights as customer.

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